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The company is approved by the State General Administration of civil aviation air transport sales agency business. Signed a long-term sales agency agreement with many domestic and international airlines, airlines, and to maintain close relations of cooperation. Business logistics and warehousing warehousing, import customs clearance, distribution, transportation, logistics, supply chain management, overall planning, implementation as a whole, from the customer needs, provide various personalized logistics services for customers. According to the needs of customers, for deep analysis on the existing supply chain, optimize business processes, the integration of logistics supply chain, to "tailor-made, integrated operation, personalized service" to meet the personalized customer requirements, to provide logistics consulting and information technology, for customers to design large transport routes and procedures, to provide one-stop services, improve the supply chain and the reconstruction process for customers, reduce logistics costs, improve logistics efficiency. Provide bonded, non bonded goods storage, loading export goods market, warehouse equipment, export LCL, import container distribution services. Have custody, change, replacement of packing, pallet, goods picking, classification, packaging, a simple re processing and other services.
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