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Ningbo Wanjie International Freight Co., Ltd., founded in November 8, 2014, the registered capital of RMB 8000000
Since the establishment of the company, with the customs, inspection and quarantine, shipping, port and related industry maintain close contact. With a number of shipping companies, international freight forwarding agency to establish long-term agency relationship to each other.
Company main services: contractors shipping, air cargo import and export agency business for international transportation.
Specific include: the shipping companies, freight booking business all over the world, devanning LCL; business; agent declaration, inspection, insurance business; multifunctional logistics service; transit, warehousing, transportation service.
From the beginning of the freight booking business, all over the world, devanning LCL business, and then to the customs clearance, inspection, insurance, transportation, warehousing, transit and destination to door service, complete. Loyalty and professional service team, the route across five continents, especially in Europe, the Mediterranean, America, South America, South Africa and Australia, has a strong competitive advantage. As the designated agent of many internationally renowned shipping enterprises in Ningbo, our company for many years to help these enterprises for booking, in Ningbo port container, customs clearance services, to establish a good relationship of cooperation and, while effectively interoperability of these enterprises mature overseas network to provide quality and thoughtful service yourself the customer.
With the development of international logistics industry, our company is stepping up and the world freight enterprises to carry out extensive cooperation, in order to further expand the business.

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